Virginia Recovery Scholars Program

Virginia Recovery Scholars Program

Sponsored by the DBHDS State Opioid Response Grant Team

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The Department of Behavioral Health and Development State Opioid Response Grant Team and Virginia Commonwealth University are excited to be able to offer the Recovery Scholars Program to students in recovery who are enrolled at Virginia Colleges and Universities. We believe that students in recovery often are among the strongest students on our campus and contribute tremendously to campus life.

Scholarship amount: $500 per semester (renews contingent on completion of requirements

Scholarship Deadline: January 20th, Program Begins January 27

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the first deadline as there will be more sections available.

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Recovery Scholars Program:

As individuals grow in their recovery process their needs in recovery change. The Recovery Scholars Program seeks to support these recovery needs through a supportive seminar while recognizing their contributions through financial scholarship.  The Recovery Scholars participate in a weekly supportive seminar and work an active recovery plan.  Recovery scholars are awarded a share of the scholarship pool and may be eligible for additional scholarship awards. Scholarships automatically renew until graduation for those who continue to complete Recovery Scholars program requirements. Additionally, Recovery Scholars are eligible to receive funds for professional development conferences focused on recovery. Scholarships are credited to student accounts are not paid out until mid-point or later in the semester.

Introduction to Recovery Supports (Newcomers Program)

The Introduction to Recovery Supports Program is designed for individuals new to recovery, who want additional structure in their recovery journeys while they navigate the challenges of Higher Education. Students will participate in a weekly recovery seminar are must be developing and working an active recovery plan. Individuals entering the newcomers program are able to earn Membership in the Recovery Scholars Program for the next semester and a pro-rated share of a scholarship.  Topics in the Introduction to Recovery Support seminar will help newcomers get plugged into recovery supports relevant to their journeys.

Application Link

Program Flyer, Eligibility and Expectations 

For more information, email or call 804-366-8027 or visit

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